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Germans can't pronounce "squirrel"?
A few years ago, Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson pointed out that the best way to expose a German spy would be to ask them to say the word "squirrel," because "no German, no matter how well they speak English, can say 'squirrel.'" So naturally, someone tested the premise back in 2013 and made a video of it. Here is that video (by Tamara Lenz) of 10 Germans trying to say "squirrel":

Why do you think Germans can't pronounce the word "squirrel"? Thinking
Is it bad that I laughed? xD

I'm not really sure why they can't say it. xD I can't even say it the way they do. Loser
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I laughed too, everybody said it differently. That's honestly how I am when I'm trying to pronounce words in different languages.
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I wonder if there is a "scientific" type reason that they all can't say it? Maybe it has something to do with the german language.



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