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Does violence solve problems?
Do you think it is possible that the solution to our problems is violence? Do you think violence can solve our worries? I have to say that violence should not be in our option because this will just worsen the problem. We need to find peaceful resolution if possible.
I am a firm believer in the principles of Mahatma Gandhi - Principles of non violence. Violence is not the solution but will lead to creation of more hatred and more problems. Currently we are seeing a lot of violent activities in the world in the name of religion, race. People killing people. Peace is the best solution for solving any big or small problems.
I don't think violence helps. It only makes the situation worse.
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I would say no but at the same time it is needed in some situations. Its just not a everything kind of thing.

Mahatma Gandhi is someone that I really look up to with his principles in life and all.
No. I think there are usually always other ways to solve problems. On a national/global level, I think violence should be used as a last resort after everything else has beenĀ tried.


Violent people instantly disqualify themselves of being able to participate in any kind of civilised social events. When you become violent, you admit that your sentience is just a label and you're just a parasite.

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