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Useful expressions: yes, no, and, but, or

Say "oo" to say "yes" to your peers or younger people.
Say "opò" to say yes with respect.

Say "hindî" to say "no" to persons your age or younger.
Say "hindî pô" to say "no" with respect.
"Hindî" translates both the English "no" and "not."

Say "at" to say "and."

Say "pero" to say "but."

Say "o" to say "or."


Cierra those are exactly right! In my opinion when talking to someone that may be older than you (even if you're not sure) to always use po to show respect. Some times you'll find that Filipinos will insist that you don't need to say po but it's always nice to show respect when attempting to speak Filipino.

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This is definitely handy, I like that you added both the normal and more respectful versions of the responses.
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