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Mac or PC
I love both to be honest.
My first computer I ever got was a mac. I had an original emac. I still have it on my desk. Have not turned it on for quite a while.
My sister had an iBook G4.
But I use both PC's and macs.
Anyone remember those old Mac VS. PC commercials.
Even though they were not accurate, they were funny.
testing testing 1123
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I have both, a regular PC and a Mac. I'm guessing they're both about the same to me. But, I'm guessing that Mac is better.

Why do you think the Mac is better?


I've only ever used a Windows computer, so I'd have to say it'd be Microsoft's OS. However, I wouldn't mind using a mac or at least trying one out, the design and aesthetic for the operating system do indeed look nice.
I'm on the Mac side now. Winkblink I also agree that ascetically they look better than most Windows systems. I like the aluminum/black mix especially.



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