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I would like to bring Mozzie to the Spotlight, in such short time Mozzie has been very active on Languavel and currently has over 100 posts! Thank you so much for being part of our community Mozzie.

Sharon: Are you fluent in any other languages besides English?
Mozzie: I am fluent in Spanish as i have members that are Spanish and they have a site in Spanish, i am a member there so i had no choice but to learn it lol. The only Problem with the language, is it changes from province to province lol.

Sharon: Are there any other languages you'd be interested in learning?
Mozzie: I would love to have had the opportunity to learn the traditional Hindu language, but we know that this language is no more, it is the language that was spoken by the Rama.

Sharon: Where is the furthest place from home you've traveled to?
Mozzie: We traveled around the world when i was young, but in the 80s, i went back to the U K for a holiday as most of my extended family live there.

Sharon: If you had to choose a single thread/topic in the forum which one would you say is your favorite?
Mozzie: To be honest the Internet, Social Networking and Forum Administration.
I have been running and helping on boards for the best part of 25 years, from IPB Boards, phpBB, myBB, IPS Boards, Zeta Boards and a few others, it is always nice to be able to share what i have learn t with others that are starting out on their journey of Discussion Boards. And if a board has a Graphics Section that would have to be up there as well as we on mine do a lot of animated graphics where we also like to teach others about how to and the coding aspects that go with it.

Sharon: What would you say to visitors of Languavel who are considering in joining Languavel but haven't yet?
Mozzie: I would tell them that this site offers a great variety of topics covering everything form general chit chat, where you can get to know everyone, it has a friendly and bright feel to it, you can discover the world in the travel and Languages section, and it offers friendly advice on life and culture.

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Just one thing. Hindi is not dead. It's the most common language in India. The language Rama spoke was Sanskrit, which is dead. Sanskrit is considered to be the mother of all south Asian languages.

Apparently there is a difference between Hindi and Hindu.

"‘Hindu’, derived from the Sanskrit word Sindhu, was the local name for the Indus River in northwestern part of the Indian subcontinent."

Please support Languavel -

Please do not send me support PM's or emails, post instead to ensure you get immediate assistance. Smile
Thank you for doing this interview! Laughing
-Allenafaith; Support Team Leader|Please do not send me support PM's or emails, post in the instead.|Support Languavel-


Yes the Rama language died out maybe around Babel times or a little time before that, the only reason they know about was because it was stated that the Gods came down and spoke it to a people that were predicted in the ancient texts like this one

Tho it is shrouded more in conspiracy, thousands of related texts confirm this languages existence long gone

Thanks for doing the interview @"Mozzie". Smile 25 years, that's a long time.


That's cool it was fun, and yes it is a long time, but i have learn t a l kit as well

nice interview mozz mate Smile

Thx mate


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